Abegaill successfully closes seed funding round

Abegaill develops medical devices in the field of ductoscopy. Ductoscopy is a minimally invasive micro-endoscopic technique which allows for visualization of the milk ducts. Abegaill aims to advance the interventional capabilities of this technology. Expanding the capabilities of ductoscopy beyond visualization would open the way for interventional surgery through minimally invasive surgery.

Most of the breast diseases, both benign and malignant, derive from the epithelial lining of the milk ducts. Using ductoscopy, these ducts can be investigated for the first signs of breast cancer development. Further intervention requires local surgical procedures.

The current funding allows Abegaill to participate in the EVAPORATE project. This project is a collaboration between UMC Utrecht, TU Delft and Abegaill, and is further supported by KWF-STW. The consortium will develop a toolkit for ductoscopic interventional surgery. This toolkit provides surgeons with the tools for minimal invasive surgical breast procedures.

About Leander Healthcare

Leander Healthcare is a Dutch company, founded in 2009, and delivers highly innovative and technologically advanced medical products to hospitals in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands.

About Swanbridge Capital

Swanbridge Capital is a Rotterdam based venture capital fund, backed by the Seed Capital arrangement of RVO.nl, that actively invests in young, high potential companies in the life sciences. Founded in 2016, the fund invests in companies in the medical devices, therapeutics and diagnostics field. By actively supporting our portfolio of companies, Swanbridge Capital is in position to provide the knowledge and network that young companies need to bring their technology and company to the next phase.

For more information on Abegaill B.V. or the EVAPORATE project visit www.abegaill.com or contact contact@abegaill.com